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Smileyjay's Latest News List!!

Hello all news seekers!
Since I have been recieving news about
Joey Mac, Jordan Knight, and NKOTB,
I thought it would be nice to share it all
with you!!
Got something non-rumor to share?
Send it in!!
Peace, Love,

The world has news seekers such as yourself!!


And now . . . The News.

The good ol' days news:

Jonny boy made the news!! (i got this from kko news)

"Ex-New Kid On the Block Jonathan Knight was spotted chowing down on
 burgers and swilling martinis on the outside patio at The Good Life
 Uptown, the new South End eatery."

Jordan's lovely newsy self!!

Jordan is a father!!! Evelyn gave birth to a baby boy named Dante!!!

Jordan's tour with N Sync is now underway.  Check the 
Calendar ( for a complete tour date 

Donnie's updates from hollyhood :)

Donnie's movie "The Sixth Sense" is awesome!!!!!!! Check it out at theatres now.

Donnie will costar in "The Altoona Riding Club," an indie roadtrip 
film about a traveling salesman training his replacement.  The 
announcement appeared recently in the Hollywood Reporter.

"Donnie Sinks His Teeth in New Biz"
So why is Donnie Wahlberg, whose  acting career is on the 
upswing, hungry to get into the restaurant businiess???
"I need a place to eat," said the ex-New Kid, who has just taken
 over the 50-year-old Howard Johnson's in Canton with his buddy,
 Dan Newcomb.
"Yes, I go to Hollywood premieres and be the big shot, but at the end 
of the day, I am a real person and I need to eat real food," he said.
The dining duo, who have been  pals since Donnie's days of noshing 
at  Newcomb Farms in Milton, plan to strip the orange-and-aqua 
Hojo's  theme, but not the clam strips or the  ice cream.  Phew!  And 
by January, the partners will re-open the landmark eatery as a casual 
restaurant with a  little more umph.
"We'll keep the turkey club, for instance, but it will be made with 
sour-dough bread and sage mayonnaise," said Newcomb, who left his job 
as general manager of the Harborside Hotel a month ago.  "We welcome 
the business guys to eat here as well as the cops who have been 
having lunch in the fountain area for years."
"That's been a factor for us," said Newcomb, who is chief operating 
officer of Wahlberg's new Dining Management Group.
Donnie - whose flick "Sixth  Sense" with Bruce Willis hits theaters 
on Aug. 6 - claims his new venture is an investment in his future, 
which is why he wanted to open a place back  home.
"Hollywood is where I am at right now, but it would be nice for me 
to do this here and open a couple other places in the next 5 to 10 
years so I'll have something more than just acting."
And speaking of Donnie's future plans, the ex-teen heartthrob says he 
will finally tie the knot with Kim Fey,  his longtime love and mother 
of his 6-year-old son, Xavier - "between the time I turn 30 and the 
end of the millenimium."
Which means between Aug. 17 and November, since Donnie claims 
December isn't a good month to get married.  He's just eating this up.

Joey Mac Attack!!

NEW!!Tune into MTV this Monday 10/4 at 10:30pm to 
catch Joey McIntyre meeting his ultimate fan on MTV's FANatic. 
Don't miss it!

Joe is getting geared up for the second part of his U.S. tour.  
The reason you haven't seen any new questions and answers in his Page 
Me section is because he's been overseas.  It's been easier for him 
to leave messages in the "Horse's Mouth" section, but that's what he 
meant on the most recent message when he said soon he'll "write some 
stuff down."

please note that i recieve my news from the jordan knight, joey
mcintyre, and kko news lists.... go to these sites if you wish to 
recieve the same info.

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