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Emmo Jay

Credits for New Kids Pictures Pages One and Two . . .

These are the people and/or magazines that deserve credit for the
pictures and articles that I have placed on this site. 
Page #1:
Pic #1: Donnie and Mark Wahlberg embrace in front of a black
background: Published in 'Bop' Magazine in 1992.
Pic#2: Jordan Knight squatting on stage at the site of one of the
'New Kids on the Block' concerts. Published in 'Bop' Magazine in 1992.
Pic#3: Joe McIntyre posing in front of an orange background in an
Orange shirt. Published in 'Bop' Magazine in 1992.
Pic#4: Jonathan Knight Leaning against a grey building wearing a
black and white jacket. Published in 'Bop' Magazine in 1992.
Page #2:
Pic#1: Donnie, Joe, Danny, and Jordan goofing around at Disney World.
Page #3 out of 'Big Bopper' Magazine (year unknown). 
Pic#2: Jonathan Knight and Jordan Knight leaning on their arms
against a rail. Published in 'Bop' Magazine in 1992.
Pic#3: Jonathan Knight posing with an article of his clothing in Georgia at a concert. Published on the "Secrets from Hollywood" page in 'Bop' Magazine in 1992.

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