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Welcome    To    The    Funnies!!

Welcome one and all!
This is the jokes page, come here if you want to read new 
jokes, or to tell one. 

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And   Now   .   .   .   The   Funnies!!

(Some of these jokes may be innapropriate for younger people, 
though I keep foul language off my site. Some adult situations 
may be involved.)

A Funny Story. (This is not a joke, it is a true story)

A man jumped from the fifth story roof of his apartment 
building in an attempt to commit suicide. His attempt to 
kill himself would have been unsuccessful had he not been shot 
through the head by a shotgun blast on his way past the third 
story window of Tom Franklin's apartment. The reason it would 
have been unsuccessful was due to the net that they had placed 
on the building to protect the window-washers from dying if 
they fell.

For years Tom Franklin had been threatening his wife with an 
unloaded shotgun when they had marital disagreements. He kept 
the gun unloaded so there would be little risk of him killing 
her. Their son, James, had recently been taken out of their 
will, and sought revenge on his parents by loading the shotgun 
without their knowing it. During an arguement, Tom pulled the 
trigger and, instead of hitting his wife, the blast took out 
the window, and killed the man commiting suicide. When the 
sherrif's department heard about this, they were going to call
it murder without intent. 

A striking twist to the story (as if it weren't wierd enough) 
is that the man who jumped off the building was James 
Franklin, Tom's Son. Therefore, since James had loaded the 
gun with intent of his father killing his mother, they called 
it a case of suicide, and left it at that. 


A lab rabbit escapes from the laboratory. He makes his way 
across a field, white as can be, and happens upon a group of 
wild male rabbits. "Hello" He says "My name is 541" He smiles
and gets introduced to the group. One rabbit speaks to him
in particular. "I am Leroy" The rabbit speaks. "Where are you 
from?" Leroy asks.
"I come from the lab over there, and I was wondering if you
could show me how wild rabbits live?" 541 queried.
"Sure, first, you have to go over to that garden and eat some
lettuce." Leroy pointed, and 541 was off.
541 returned forty minutes later with a grin on his face. 
"What now?" He asked.
"Now, you need to go visit the female rabbits. They are nice
and they can show you what we do most of the time." Leroy 
answered, again pointing.
541 dissapeared into the thicket for a while, and came back 
cheery and elated. "Wow! So that's what it's like?" 541 commented.
"I would love to live like this." 541 added.
"Why don't you stay here, then?" Leroy asked.
"Because I have to get back to the lab. I'm just dying for a cigarrette."

people think i'm funny!!