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Remember "LINK" was the name of that guy in "Encino Man"?

The Second New Kids Photo Page.: Some images of the visions of our youth.
The Credits Page.: Here if you want to find out where this stuff came from.
The third O.M.G.I.R.T. Page.: Under construction
Smiley Links!: The links page for other people's sites!
The Mark Wahlberg Page: Pictures of this former rapper, present actor.
The Various Mongo Page.: General Stuff that i think is cool to look at.
O.M.G.I.R.T. #2: Oh My God! I Remember That, Too!!
The Pictures page.: Some groovy pictures of some nice fellas. Joe, Jordan, Jon, Don, Marky.
Home: Oh . . . GO HOME! As Tracy Ullman would put it!!!
Smileyjay's Latest News List!!: Go here for the latest.
Pictures of my family!!: See the people I got my wierdness from!!
The Third New Kids Photo Page!!: The third page for pictures of the new Kids.
The "Oh, my god! I remember that!" page!!: The first O.M.G.I.R.T. page.
The Stephen King Support Site!!: My page for Stephen King!!
The Love Hut!!: Come here to read my weekly updated Soap opera and for generally romantic things!!
The Joey Macaroni Page!: Pictures of Joey McIntyre.

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