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The King's List Of Scary Stuff!

For Stephen King.
I wanted you to have this.
It means the world to me,
to have the very legendary,
read my hopes and dreams.
I have read and watched your work
since I was very young.
I have dreamed of bad things many times,
all in the spirit of fun.
I wanted you to have this
token of myself.
I love your work, you've inspired me.
You have shared with me your wealth.
Thank you says not what I feel,
so, have this poem I give you.
Make it a part of your life,
For me, it is the most real.

Poet's Eyes.
By: Emily Janiak

It was fascination,
a bad dream come true,
a foul stench of madness,
A nightmare of truth.
The blood and gore a gut-wrenching thought,
the things I read were horrid.
Forget the silly things mother reads,
those stories are all lies in form torrid.
I read my first when I was twelve,
The story burned my soul.
The children in this town were dying,
Their lives murdered away by a demon old.
The children stood for themselves,
and fought against the powers.
They won their battle and saved themselves.
I saw how the evil's plot soured.
I felt appalled reading gore,
yet, I loved it the same.
I read everything I could get my hands on,
written under his name.
I've watched his stories unfold,
great and strange, they be.
I've watched the time roll by,
like sands beneath the sea.
While inundated with fear,
I began to think myself.
How would I affect someone like this?
How in the world else?
I began to experiment,
to listen,
to try.
I soon found a way to speak, 
It was poetry for I.
I watched the unfolding,
the dripping of his ways,
and found upon the hearth of knowledge,
the things I wanted to say.
The man I speak of is great,
and true,
and strong,
I will read his works the rest of my days,
or until he is gone.
I give to him this part of me,
this love I have built.
His mind has touched the depths of me.
His strength has blackened my belt.
I learned how to be brave from the man who makes dark tales,
I have grown with him,
I have whimpered at his words,
My works to him pale.
Stephen King is a love I cherish,
He has helped me be strong,
I want the world to know his power,
as I have for so long.
I one-day hope to meet the man of nightmares,
to feel his great, dark skies.
I hope to see the world he knows,
behind a poet's eyes.

P.s.- Desperation is my favorite. I always felt a 
connection with Mary. :)

COPYRIGHT Emily Janiak, July 14, 2000. Artemis Publications.

note: It is illegal to use, reproduce, or publish 
the works on this site without prior, written 
consent of the author.

Hello people! 
This is a list of books, etc. and my personal ratings of King stuff.
Please note that these ratings are my opinion only. The ratings are 
from 1-10. One being the least enjoyable.

Bag of Bones: published by Scribner, copyright by Stephen King.
This story reminds me of one of the king's earlier short stories.
It is about a writer who loses his wife at an unfair age.
As he struggles to live without the wife he lost, he meets someone.
As is stated in the slip cover of the hardback
"Bag of Bones is an story of grief and a lost love haunted by the
secrets of the past, of an innocent child caught in a terrible
Since i have not completed the reading of this one yet, i cannot tell 
you what i think of the whole thing. However, i cant tell you that I
think this is very promising and entertaining.
I recommend this for the person who has felt despair at one point in 
their life. It proves to be a touching, and freeky story at the same
time! I'll have a better review up when i have finished it.

Thinner: published by Signet, copyright by Richard Bachman 1984.
Oh boy, is this a good one! It was made into a movie after it was 
published. This is a story about a man who is obese, and overly
confident in himself as a lawyer. He gets a little frisky (you'll have
to read it) and hurts somebody (i won't tell you who) and gets in 
trouble. This would be a story I would recommend for anybody.
King touches the heart of phobia, insanity, loss, hatred, and self
image in this horror gem. It scared the butt off of me!!!  R:(8)

Eyes of The Dragon: published by Signet, copyright Stephen King 1987.
For the weak of heart, this story is not recommended. The only way I 
made it through this one was to imagine the film being directed by 
Mel Brooks! This story takes place in the Medieval period. There's
Dragons, princes, magic, and all sorts of other gooey stuff! It's too
difficult to explain! Read it! I promise it's worth it!  R:(7)

Insomnia: published by Viking, copyright Stephen King 1994.
O.K. This book is definitely not for people on acid!! This book, like
many others, played mind tricks with me! It's about this dude named
Ralph. He is an older dude and his wife dies. Soon he starts being
unable to sleep (hence Insomnia) and starts seeing things he can't
explain. The rest would give it away, but it's such a trip to read!
If you want something to ponder for a long time that makes you think
you are going to pee your pants, read this book! R:(9)

Carrie: published by Signet/Doubleday and Inc., copyright Stephen 
King 1974.
Whomsoever does not already know about Carrie needs to be told! 
(whoever THAT could be!) Just in case . . . This is one of his 
greats! The film was nominated for an Academy Award, and starred
Sissy Spacek and John Travolta! It is a story that most people could 
relate to. It tells of a teenage girl, who is harrassed and hated by
the people at school. Her mother, a bible thumping blender full of 
nuts, treats her like she is a disease. And one day, the (really) 
wrong stuff happens to her and . . . POW!!! Just like a Gremlin in a 
microwave! Although this is not and entirely accurate perspective, 
i'd say it's pretty close, without releasing the ending. R:(10)

Desperation: Published by Viking, copyright Stephen King 1996.THIS
can you say eek? Oh, boy. Desperation is for the imaginative, open
minded, reader with a heart for good over evil! This book confused 
me, inspired me, angered me . . . it only took me four days to read 
all 690 pages of this book. I'm a slow reader, but i wasn't during 
this puppy. It kept me up all night, i've even fallen asleep on it! 
My dad knocked on the door while i was at a good part and I screamed!
This story is about a group of people who come into contact with a 
maybe psycho deputy. This guy is definitely NOT Mr. Rogers! There's 
gore, mystery, and foul language in this horror story. I loved every 
second of this book. The beginning is good, the middle is better, the 
ending is awesome! Unlike most of his stories, King doesn't do a whole
lot of babbling in this one. Read it ... if you dare! R:(an off the scale 10)

Misery: published by Signet, copyright Stephen King, Tabitha King,
and Arthur B. Greene, trustee 1987.
Another book of his that was adapted to a screenplay, this one was
also one of the blockbusters. This story is about a character named 
Paul Sheldon. He is a famous novelist who meets an unfortunate patch 
of icy road and smooshes his car. He is rescued, nursed, and finds 
himself in a predicament that i can't tell you about. In a word, 
youch!  R:(9)

Christine: published by Signet, copyright Stephen King, 1983.
This is the runner up for favorite! I've got this movie
on laser disc!! this story is about a car that is somehow
 . . .evil. There are deaths involved. (duh!!) The lead
 characters are named Arnie Cunningham, Dennis (the one telling 
the story), and Leigh Cabot. Arnie is a dork who falls in love with 
a tired out, beat up, been through it, 1958 Plymouth Fury. 
the car is a problem from the get-go. i'll not speak of the rest!

Pet Sematary:  published by signet, copyright Stephen King 1983.
This one would not be reccommended for somebody who loves cats. It
was made into a movie in the late eighties.
If you dont like to be scared by family. . . uhhh . . .misfortune,
dont read it. For those of you who really want to be grossed out, 
here it is!! This is about a family (Ellie, Gage, Rachel, And Louis 
Creed)who move into a new house. They meet a friend (Judd Crandall) 
who lives across the street. He introduces them to something they were
probably better off not knowing about. The story is unique. I was 
scared for weeks of my dog after this one! R: (8)

Salem's Lot:  published by signet, copyright Stephen King 1975.
One word: Vampires.
Awesome! They made a movie out of this one,too! The book is confusing 
at first, but it grips hard! I can't tell you anything, or else i'll 
spoil it! R: (7)

The Shining:  Published by signet, copyright Stephen King 1977.
this movie starred Jack Nicholson, and Shelley Duvall. 
It takes place in the Overlook Hotel. The hotel they used to film
the movie in was here in Colorado! It's all the way up in the
mountains and i know people who have stayed there! It's really cool.
Jack Torrence (Jack Nicholson) and Wendy Torrence (Shelly Duvall) 
take their munchkin, Danny up with them to be the caretakers of 
this hotel over the winter. They get snowed in . . .and Jack starts 
behaving in a manner unlike himself. :) This movie and the book were 
different from each other in a few minor ways and one major way. 
However, both productions of the movie and the book are bad enough
to make me think twice about putting myself in that situation! 
All three are worth experiencing!! R: (10)

Fire-Starter: published by signet, copyright Stephen King 1980.
The film version of this novel starred Drew Barrymore, and Martin 
Sheen. It's a neat way to look at th aspects of the human psyche. 
This book would be great to read in Psych class if it didn't have so 
much foul language in it!! Loved it! Still do! R: (9)

Cujo: published by Signet, Copyright Stephen King 1981.
This was yet another film adapted from his novel. Cujo is yucky!!
It is a story about a Saint Bernard named Cujo. He gets rabies. 
the rest is up to you to read!! For those of you who had a fear of 
the monster in the closet, or being trapped inside something, this 
one is for you!! R: (8)

Dolores Claiborne: Published by signet, copyright 1993, Stephen King.
The first time I had any contact with this story was from the movie.
The acting was superb, the filming was direct. I was so disturbed
by the realistic content of this story that I vowed to read the book! 
The film starred Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kathy Bates! 
This one is about a little girl who is abused by her pop. He is a
mean old cur and he treats her mother just as bad... well, close.
The time line is the older woman, thinking about her youth, and trying
to work out what happened to her father.... OOOHHH! I wish I could
tell you! But that would ruin it! Read it and weep! Literally!
R: (7)

Different Seasons: Published by Signet, Copyright stephen King,1982.
This is a compilation of four stories: Rita Hayworth and The 
Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil, The Body, The Breathing Method.
I felt great amusement in knowing that Stephen King wrote Shawshank
Redemption. And you would never think it to hear all of those snotty,
big headed, wieners bragging about the depth of the story! Meanwhile,
they would all be dogging on the content of any other King story!
A triumphant, well writeen, and truly thought inducing set of freaky
R: (8 1/2)

Night Shift: Published by Signet, copyright Stephen King, 1976.
Another collection: Jerusalem's Lot, Graveyard Shift, Night Surf,
I Am The Doorway, The Mangler, The Boogeyman, Gray Matter,
Battleground, Trucks, Sometimes They Come Back, Strawberry Spring,
The Ledge, The Lawnmower Man, Quitters, Inc., I know What You Need,
Children Of The Corn, The Last Rung On The Ladder, The Man Who Loved
Flowers, One For The Road, The Woman In The Room.
This is probably the one book that more movies and short films have
been made from! Jerusalem's Lot, Graveyard Shift, Night Surf,
Sometimes They Come Back, The Lawnmower Man, Quitters, Inc., Children
Of The Corn, were all made into films! His best work in small pieces! 
R: (9)

Published by Signet, copyright Stephen King 1979.
This is the story of John Smith. He gets in an accident, and somehow 
he developes psychic powers! You'll never believe what this guy does 
with them!!
This one was made into a movie and starred Christopher Walken and 
Martin Sheen.
R: (9)

More to come soon!

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