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Smiley Links!! The place to go when you've had enough of my love!! LOLOL

Joe McIntyre Rocks My World!: Ducky and Dr.Funk have discovered the true meaning of being Joe's fan! If you can't love them and laugh at them at the same time, what good are you? LOL! This site is VERY funny!!
Jordan Knight's home page: Go here to get officially official info on this former New Kid.
Joey McIntyre: Colubmia Record's official site for Joe McIntyre. Not as good as the original, but it's still pretty good.
Mark Wahlberg's official homepage: Send him a picture of you, check out his upcoming films . . .
Adam sandler's home page.: lots of fun stories, jokes, and more!
Savidge Amusement: My sister's Home Page. Here you can see members of our family, and her new baby, theodore! He's cute! If you like looking at pictures, come check it out!
The Official Stephen King Web Presence.: Do you like Horror? Check him out! This is my man! He's SOOOO scary!!
A Frustrated Fan's Guide To Mickey Rourke.: Thank heaven for this page! I couldn't find anything on Mickey that was worth looking at, until I found this site!!
Keep Keepin' On.: This is the best outside source for New Kids info! These ladies are really talented!
The Ultimate New Kids On The Block List!: Jen set up this site for those of us who are still addicted to the memory of loving the New Kids that much! All of the known New Kids sites are on this page.
Wurld Famous Freek Land: A really creative site dedicated to Alex (sigh) Winter . . . Bill S. Preston of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". . . and Tom Stern . . . of "A Teenage Werewolf In Paris" fame.
Smileyjay's Love Festival!!: Whomever said "You can't go home" needs to be shot in the butt with a pellet gun!!
The Star Campaign Against Religious Discrimination.: My sister and her firend's effort to fight religious discrimination in America. Please come have a look. (This sight is a controversial effort. If you are offended, i appologise.)
Smileyjay's Reviews and Critiques!!: My newest site dedicated to the purpose of delivering quality reviews of books, music, and movies.
Suellen's Stephen Dorff Site.: An excellent site full of pictures, waves, info, and news on Stephen Dorff!!
The Writer's Voice.: Come here to read and review mine and other people's poetry and writing.
Link Master. com: A great place to get hooked up!!

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