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Welcome    to    the    LOVE    HUT!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Your proud web host has decided to
make a page for those of us with a soft 
spot for romance! This is the place
to come to read my stories about the New 
Kids! OR..... anybody I think of as being
sexy!! (snicker) so read to imagine, 
visit to ponder,
come here to laugh!!
If you wish to share with the world
any ficticious stories or just to 
give a shout out... E-mail me!!!!
Peace, Love,

There are love hutters in this world!! (at least so far)


The Stories Begin!!

Have you ever dreamed of swimming,
of living a dream?
Have you ever thought of who you might
of who you might meet?
Have you ever wondered what could happen,
of what could be possible?
Here is the place where wonders live,
and where time stands still.
Welcome to my world of eternal fantasy.
Copyright Elaine Jasper.

Under the advice of a publisher friend, I have decided
not to continue with this soap.. If i cand find a way to 
add something later, I will.
or now, I am working on a better plan for this page. 
(big, devilish grin)
So, if you have any ideas for me, give me a note!! 
Peace, Love, E.

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