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Marky Wahlberg! He's so FUN to look at!!

The Love Festival!!: Home is where you hang . . .
My First New Kid's Pictures Page!: Pic's of the band that made us feel like we were about to explode!
My Second New Kids Picture Page: The next in a looooong line of New kid's Pic's!
Oh My God! I Remember That!!: The first O.M.G.I.R.T. page. This is the place where old relics go to die.
Oh My God! I Remember That Too!!: The sequel for thinking of things you hardly remember!
The Credits Page.: Boring info on how this page came to be.
The Third O.M.G.I.R.T. page.: Under construction.
The Links Page.: All of my links to the outside world.
The Various Mongo page.: This page has a little bit of some various stuff.
Smileyjay's Latest News List!!: Come here for the latest!!
My Family Pictures!!: come here to get to know me better!!
The Third New Kids Photo Page!!: The third, most recent photo page of the New kids!!
The Stephen King Support Site!!!: Come here for info on s. King's works!!
The Love Hut!!: The place to be for a serial soap opera!!
The Joey Macaroni Page!!: Pictures of Joey McIntyre.

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