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Welcome To The Love Festival!!

Smileyjay's Reviews and Critiques!!

My brainchild. I am trying to set up an interactive page for people to read and review books, movies, and music. Be kind and tell me what you think. thanks

Stephen King Page

Please come in and see all about the king!!

NEWK Collection

The New Kids On The Block Pages!!

Various Crap:)

The Various Mongo Pages. A collection of pictures of Vanilla Ice, Leo, and other people from the eighties!

Smiley Links

Links to my favorite non-smiley pages.


All of the funny things and strange stories that I hear.

Stephen King

I am slowly working on a Credits page for those who have given me ammo. LOL


Info and news on all of my loved stars.

There are Beautiful people like you!! And they've all been here since may 15'th, 2000. Before tripod broke, there were 2,563 hits since March 14'th, 1999.
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Welcome To The Love Festival!!

Welcome to my site dedicated to Keanu reeves, 
New Kids On The Block, Stephen Dorff, Balthazar 
Getty, Andrew Dorff and more!!


Soon to come!

I have a new Web Site!! It is called Smileyay's Reviews and Critiques!! Visit me there if you want a movie, music, or book review, or submit one. Come in and add your oppinion for everyone to see!

I have scanned every image on this site on my own. If you want to borrow an image, that's o.k., but: In order to use my pic's you must e-mail your request. I appreciate you stopping by! Thank you once again! Peace, Love, E.


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